To develop new anticancer drugs and diagnostic tests, follow the course of the disease and verify the effectiveness of the cure.


Mediterranea Theranostic (MT) is a newly established Innovative Start-Up

The mission of MT is to synergize with Oncoxx Biotech in the development of new anti-cancer drugs and diagnostic tests, to extend the activities of Oncoxx and increase its value on a global scale.

MT has been successful in generating humanized monoclonal antibodies with very high anticancer specificity, using activated Trop-2 as a target. MT is now "arming" these antibodies with powerful anticancer drug to obtain "antibody-drug conjugates" (ADC), that are able to kill Trop-2-expressing tumor cells with great efficacy.

In parallel, MT is developing methods to follow the evolution of the disease and the effectiveness of the treatment through non-invasive procedures, such as a simple blood sample.

These innovative high-tech products are intended to have a significant impact on the disease which has the highest health costs, social and human, to increase the effectiveness of care available today and to positively affect the active life of patients treated.